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Xbox Game of Thrones project

Xbox Teases Next Big ‘Game of Thrones’ Project

Xbox is all set for a big project related to HBO‘s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones. On the Xbox brand profiles in the social media, Microsoft has published films that are most likely associated with this series. On the official Twitter account of Xbox, the gaming giant teases it by sharing a quick video.

Xbox Game of Thrones project

Xbox Game of Thrones project presents flames from which a mysterious symbol emerges and ends with a shot of the Targaryen sigil. Along with this brief clip Xbox shared the caption, “And now your wait begins. Stay tuned”. The style of teasing,  the presence of flames and winter is most probably refers to the “Song of Ice and Fire”.Fans believe this could either be a Game of Thrones title.

So, this is the most exciting possibility of a having a new Game of this series. But there is also the possibility that the company only intends to release a special custom Xbox Game of Thrones project on promotional basis that would refer to the GOT Series. Also, Microsoft loves releasing limited edition consoles that you cannot buy and have to enter a draw to win.

Xbox Game of Thrones project

Perhaps the company will reveal more details with the end of the final season. The last episode will be broadcast in two weeks – on May 20. So,we have wait until microsoft made an another announcement or releases some other teasers regarding this Big project. So, what are your thoughts on this new project? Leave them in the comment section.


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