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Super Mario

Fan Made Super Mario Bros. FPS/Battle Royale Launched

Super Mario Bros. is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo. The successor to the 1983 arcade game, Mario Bros was released in Japan in 1985.  Since Now, there are lot of new modified Mario games. But, today you will witness a different phase of this game.

Super Mario

A group of fans of Super Mario Bros. has transformed the first level of the classic platformed in many ways, turning production into a shooter, a puzzle game, a battle royale representative, and several other genres. In short, there are 10 different modes to play.

The game begins normally, but after a while turns into even the FPS, in which we eliminate attacking Mario “mushrooms”, firing fireballs. In the battle royale variant from the sky, 100 heroes fall onto the board.

Super Mario

There is also a text adventure, card game and an  independent puzzle game will let to enjoy every type of game you are interested. You can take a look at the game play here.

Completing the game will not take much time, but this small production is free. Anyone interested in the game can download the short game from the website . It is a 71 MB Zip File. Remember this game requires Unity Player installed in your PC.

An interesting fact is that this project took the third place at the Nordic Game Jam 2019.


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