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Steam is to Cancel Ubuntu Linux 32-bit Support Soon

Linux players who prefer the Ubuntu for Steam will have to look for another medium in the near future. As users of Ubuntu will no longer have access to Steam. Valve has announced that it will cut official support for 32-bit systems.

Ubuntu Linux

As a matter of fact that 32-bit technology is constantly being lost. Many programs are starting to not support more to the 32-bit operating systems. This was confirmed by Pierre-Loup Griffais. The team at Valve posted on Twitter that Steam version 19.10, which is coming in the future, will not support running on Ubuntu Linux 32-bit X86. Also, Valve has long offered it as the recommended operating system instead of Steam OS. It is possible that the company will return to the development of its operating system or will support Debian – the distribution on which Steam OS is based.

According to one of Valve’s developers, Steam wants to reduce bugs and crashes for Ubuntu users. However, Valve will not abandon Linux, it will only shift focus to another distribution that has not been revealed.

In the long run, things can get better. The 19.10 update, which is going to arrive in August, is likely to be a headache for many users of Ubuntu.


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