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Snap Chat Announces Gaming Platform “Snap Games”

Snap chat jumping into gaming market and has announced its own gaming service called Snap Games. This will allow its all users to play games with their friends in real time. Snap Games announcement came at the Snap chats partner summit. Where it also revealed that it will acquire more support from developers. Company would be releasing a series of games exclusive to the Snap Games to signify it among them. The Snap Games as company said will be a free gaming platform with innovative and fresh games. Here people will be able to connect more easily rather than the old school console type platforms. Snap chat has also revealed a specific game prototype for the platform called the Bit emoji party which you can check in this tweet.

This is something that i saw is bit more funkiness rather than the games. We play on mobile and rather less it is also said that there will be about 10 sec ads session to play these “free games”. All that said the platform has started rolling out to some users. You can access it by pressing the small rocket button at right side of your Snap chat inbox. Well after all that I doubt in the success of this platform and consider it as a more earlier experiment type thing.     

Snap Games

Snap Games will be available with six mobile games: Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, C.A.T.S. Drift Race, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Alphabear Hustle. Snap Games will begin rolling out for Android smartphones and iPhones today.



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