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Rainbow Six April Fools Event

Rainbow Six Unleashes Limited Time April Fools’ Event

Rainbow Six Siege is planning to celebrate April Fool’s Day with their players by the basis of a new in-game event. In the spirit of this Day, Ubisoft has kicked off a ridiculous new Magic event. It is now live across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is available now and until Monday, April 8. Here are all the details regarding Rainbow Six April Fools Event.

 Rainbow Six April Fools Event

For a limited time, Rainbow Six April Fools Event update turns game’s Plane map into a sort of toy box which changes up its entire look. It also introduces a special playlist along with a variety of colorful new cosmetic items in the popular tactical shooter. Sadly this event is limited to a special playlist with one map and a part of playable operators.

 Rainbow Six April Fools Event

Players can now enjoy the new special rescue mission set in a redeveloped, candy-colored version of the Plane map. You will see pink unicorn and butterfly-themed operators and a handful of hard plastic toy soldiers. Fight for control of the VIP (Very Important Plushie), as you do. For this mission, players will be able to choose between four Operators Blackbeard, Montagne, Smoke, and Tachanka and nine Toy Soldiers.

The new magic event also brings 17 new cosmetic items, available in limited packs that cost 300 R6 Credits. Now, these can also be earned by playing and completing in Ubisoft Club challenges. The above mentioned four operators will all have new outfits and headgear to collect. According to the source, the cosmetic packs will be available for an additional week until April 15.


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