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PS5 Latest News

PS5 Latest News : Customized Gaming Experience

Its being quite some time we are getting leaks and rumors for upcoming Sony PlayStation 5. Finally some concrete information has surfaced. A Sony Patent which was discovered by You Tuber Skullzi suggests the upcoming console may be even more powerful than we actually expect. PS5 Latest News, Sony to bring AI to PS5.

PS5 Latest News
PS5 Latest News

According to the information which the PS5 will learn from the players to create a customized gaming experience. The patent was found back in October 2018. This basically means that once you start playing on PS5, the console will adapt to your liking. By this you will be able to get a much better gaming experience.

An abstract from the patent says: “Generally, a video game and video game assistance are adapted to a player.

“For example, a narrative of the video game is personalized to an experience level of the player.

“Similarly, assistance in interacting with a particular context of the video game is also personalized.

“The professionalization learns from historical interactions of players with the video game and, optionally, other video games.

“In an example, a deep learning neural network is implemented to generate knowledge from the historical interactions. The personalization is set according to the knowledge.”

PS5 Latest News
PS5 Latest News

So PS5 sounds pretty interesting and some more features includes backward compatibility. Release of PS5 is expected by the year 2020 but not official announcements have been made till date.


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