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Mario Kart Tour Beta Sign Up

Mario Kart Tour Beta Signups Opened by Nintendo

Nintendo’s long-awaited smartphone game Mario Kart Tour Beta will be playable for the first time next month in an Android-only Beta. Registrations for the beta are open from now until May 7 on the game’s official website. You need to scan QR code on the website in order to proceed further. The long-delayed app is scheduled to come out this summer in 2019 but the exact date is not confirmed yet.

Mario Kart Tour Beta Sign Up

The Mario Kart Tour Beta is a test of an application which is under development. Also, the number of customers who may participate in this test is limited. If the number of applications exceeds the number of possible participants, they will randomly select the participants. So, it is better to enroll as soon as possible. The expected schedule of the application is from 4/23/2019 (Tuesday)  to 7/5/2019 (Tuesday). The Beta-Test is schedule planned for 22/5/2019 (Wednesday) to 4/6/2019 (Tuesday). Nintendo also says that they will not respond to any inquiries regarding the content or implementation of the closed beta test.

Mario Kart Tour is developed by Nintendo’s collaborating partner, the mobile developer DeNA, with whom it has already produced four games including Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nintendo will also release Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android in this year 2019.
Mario Kart Tour is scheduled for a summer 2019 release. So that means we’re likely looking at an August launch at the latest.


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