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Google Stadia : Future of Gaming?

Everything changes and World has been changed since a lot but most of the change that the mankind has seen was never been as fast as human had seen in past to decades. Now, you can do anything in this world. Just a click now there is no need of big computers. You can do as much stuff with the device in your pocket and sometimes more. Well reading it you must be thinking that much progress ? With no more further adieu it is all based on Info tech Companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google. Google has launched its game streaming service. Google Stadia will allow people to play AAA titles on their TVs, desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

But what are the purpose of these companies on a gaming Site. Well answer as i always mentioned is due to the vast expansion of gaming market.

Google Stadia GPU Specifications

Are u thinking what all these companies are doing with gaming well answer is that not. All but Google is doing something since two decades. Google has changed the way how we see the world now you stream rather than rushing in streets for CD’s and DVD’s. Now with Google Stadia all you have to do just click on the Games Thumbnail. No downloading, no tension of hardware or so just click and play in real time.

Google has planned to use custom Radeon ‘date center’ GPUs to run the service. Company also claims that the GPU will provide 10.7 TeraFLOPs of performance compared to the mere 4.2 and 6 TeraFLOPs of PS4 Pro and Xbox one. Google claims Stadia to be powered by a custom x86 processor operating at 2.7 GHz.

All that said it’s time for my thoughts as i think google can do this thing I know before many companies had tried but only google can transform this market space and evaluate it with it’s massive resource Inventory.   

Google Stadia


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