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Full Metal Monster

Full Metal Monster Launched | Download Now!

Full Metal Monster is a online action battle based game recently launched on Play store. It is a 5×5 PvP action shooter with different modes. We have to control beasts on land or in the sky. Get The battle is divided into two teams. We can use different kind of Dino’s and just defeat the Army of you enemies and get victory. The game is free to download and play, but some in-game elements are available for purchase.

Full Metal Monster
Full Metal Monster

Features of Full Metal Monster

The concept of the game is similar to that of counter strike. I mean, there we have two different teams competing against each other and surviving team will win.

  • Kill your enemies using melee attacks or strike from a distance and many more.
  • Every dino is unique and has its own abilities, including dashes, jumps, stuns, regeneration and more.
  • There are tons of different creatures including types like Metal, organic or augmented.
  • We can Equip  dino with any weapon we want, from traditional guns to next-gen energy blasters.
  • It also includes flying dinos , so Sky or Land battle will be there.

Types Of Dinos in the Game

Organic – These are the  monsters from the Jurassic Era. The Spinosaurus is an hungry hunter killer. They can hold their own in melee battle and against enemies with superior strength. Also their jumps give them matchless mobility.

Full Metal –They are specially equipped with an energy shield against weapons from the old world. The Tyrannosaurus can jump from place to place with remarkable speed and knock several enemies at once. They are deadly in melee battles.

Full Metal Monster

Augmented – This type of Dinos are  mixed with advanced tech form a deadly combination. The Triceratops have razor sharp horns are tough to dodge in melee battle. Also, these beasts can even restore their own health if they need.

Remember that the game is still under the development.





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