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Amazon Giving a Free Year of Nintendo Switch Online

Amazon keeps modifying  the benefits of its Twitch Prime package for  their Prime customers.. Like adding free games or taking away ad-free streams. Now, they have shaken hands with Nintendo to give one year of free Nintendo Switch Online Service with the package. This Service usually costs $19.99.

So to grab the bonus of this free service, you have to jump through some loops and must go through a two-stage process. All the Subscribers will be able to claim a free three-month members until September 28.  In order to claim the other nine months, you will need to keep your Prime membership going for 60 consecutive days. This means one free month of Twitch Prime and three months of Nintendo Switch Online. The deal is open to both new and existing Switch Online subscribers. If you are a current users, you will get the extra months added to their existing plan. This offer will be there until January 22, 2020.

You just have to go here to claim your subscription. As for Switch Online offers numerous benefits to Switch players, including the ability to play games online, cloud saves etc. Also, along with what may be the best part of the service that is the access to classic NES games and exclusives like Tetris 99.


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