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Thanos in Fortnite

Thanos in Fortnite, Avengers End Game Challenge

The craze of Avengers Endgame is now on its peak and everyone wants to flush themselves into this. Gaming industry lagging no behind has also poured itself into the Endgame trend. Fortnite the “Colour full battle royale game” has managed to get some colors of Endgame on it. The Fortnite has introduced the Avengers Endgame themed mode in its new update where you can confront “The Mad Titan” Thanos himself with its chitauri army backing him in the game also to fight such a threat you are provided with the some legendary Avengers weapons like Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Strom breaker which you can collect in game.

Thanos in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Avengers: Endgame Challenges

  • Complete any 10 challenges to earn the reward item — Avenger’s Quinjet Glider
  • Deal damage while hovering with Iron Man’s repulsors (100) — 500 XP
  • Collect Infinity Stones (3) — Fortnite Endgame Loading Screen
  • Play matches of Endgame (7) — Captain America’s shield Banner

You can get into the newer version by just updating your game through epic store or Apple store. Putting that aside the game play of the game as teased in the trailer video is good and very satisfying. I personally played this game and i think if you are a fan of Avengers than this game is pure gold for you. All that said I think this update for sure will brought some fortune for dying fortnite and may help it to fight its competitors alike.



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