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Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile 2

Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile Announced By Nexon

It has been more than One Year since the Dynasty Warriors 9 has released on PlayStation 4. Nexon Korea announced that they are working on Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile Version. They have entered into licensing and global publishing agreements with Koei Tecmo for a new action MMORPG smartphone game, Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile. Its Look like that they will cover all the important aspect that was in Dynasty Warriors 9. Now, the game is in under development by ‘One Studios’

Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile

This new game will be for iOS and Android devices will be an online multiplayer action game with RPG elements. They are designed specifically for touch-controlled devices. Nexon Korea shared that it is exciting to develop Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile. The game is a representative of the Musou action, which will feature a unique style of action in the mobile format. This all information have been revealed in a press release. So we have to wait for the upcoming updates from Nexon regarding the release of the Game.    

If you’re confused about why the logo above has 8 and not a 9. The Japanese releases are always one number behind the Western releases in name only because of a naming decision that happened a long time ago on PlayStation.


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