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DJ Marshmellow Fortnite Concert – Live at Plasant Park

One of the best DJ’s around the globe, friend of Ninja, and host of his own cooking channel Marshmellow has played a live concert in modern day best battle Royale game Fortnite this weekend. DJ Marshmellow Fortnite Concert had a duration of the 10 minutes, at a in game location at Pleasant Park. Which was broadcast across thousands of servers of the entire Fortnite game, weapons in Fortnite were disabled. Re-spawns turned on so players could concentrate on deploying dance emotes instead of murders thoughts. There were holograms, lights, fireworks, 3D arts and strategically deployed elimination of gravity. According to sources, more than 10 million people were watching this in-game concert, a special mode was settled up for the Fortnite client. So that it can handle that much of load.

DJ Marshmellow Fortnite Concert Live at Pleasant Park
DJ Marshmellow Fortnite Concert Live at Pleasant Park

Those who missed the event will get to enjoy a repeat performance at 11pm Pacific Time. After the music ends there’s a three-second countdown, and then it’s back to battle Royale business as usual.



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