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Disney Recruiting Professionals for Lucas Studios

Have you ever watched the Legendary movie Star Wars ? Of course you had that’s why you are on this page and knows the name Lucas well if you know the name Lucas film. Then you must know they were always remain the leader of animation genre. They made the legendary Star wars, animate the strange magic. Now as Disney has purchased them they are providing breathtaking C.G  for Marvel Cinematic Universe and Pixar. Now Disney is recruiting professionals for Lucas Studios.

But as Disney has purchased them it seems that there main focus from movies. Its March was diverted they were not focusing on their main franchise Star Wars. It seems their Lucas Studios which mainly develop games of Star wars. It also dead but now as gaming space is changing and more and more people are coming in it. Disney is Reviving the Lucas Studios by recruiting Professionals for Lucas studios. To make AAA titles of it’s Famous Acquisitions like Star wars, Marvel and Pixar which was previously outsourced to some small developers

All that said it’s time for my thoughts. Well I think Lucas Studios will reemerge strong with backing of giant like Disney and will compete with likes of EA and Ubisoft.            


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