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Call Of Duty World League

Call Of Duty World League: All You Need to Know!

As we discussed the gaming industry is heading towards a big boom. Everyone from humongous MNC’s to diminished locals wants to mint money from this boom. Observing this many gaming gimmick start getting a hype that they had never seen before. Here are all the details of Call Of Duty World League.

Call Of Duty World League

I’m going to serve you is not a gimmick it is a reality. Activision the parent company of Call of duty is going to organise a newer version of its Call of Duty : World league this year. The tournament is said to be a console based tournament in partnership of Sony. And is powered by Sony PlayStation 4 pro the game selected for this occasion is none other than the latest Call of Duty black ops 4. The total prize money of the tournament is decided to be 6 Million Dollars. Which translates into if you are a gamer you could be pretty rich.

Teams representing Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Paris and Toronto are the first five competitors to be revealed for the new professional Call of Duty league, which is following in the footsteps of Activation – Blizzard’s own successful Over watch League (OWL). Over watch League matches are currently played at a centralized arena in Los Angeles. But from next season the plan is to play at venues local to the teams. All that said the tournament starts from 3 May with a division format. You can stream this tournament on Twitch.


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