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Black ops 4 New Map

Call of Duty Adds New Alcatraz Map in Black Ops 4

Call of Duty is the world’s best FPS game and one stands where they are now. They have stand by the bad times, bad games but most importantly by competition and copy cats all these years. They stand no.1 but now when era of battle royal game has begin the Call of duty franchise is seemed lagging. And newborns like Apex legends is beating this legendary franchise. Black Ops 4 New Map is based on an iconic location known for its tourism.

Black ops 4 New Map

To avoid from complete destruction “Activation” the parent company of Call of duty has announced Call of Duty mobile. But this legendary can’t afford losing its core PC business so to bring back interest of its players. Call of Duty has announced the new map to its Blackout mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 named after the famous prison islands of “Alcatraz”. The new map is said to be “a kind of” tropical map. With addition of zombies as main vigilantes along with other players rather than you. It can be killed by any weapon but zombies particularly with flame throwers. This update also made various changes to the multiplayer and Zombies mode too. Well all that said if you have the game you can try this map but i won’t encourage you to buy this game for this particular map.           


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