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Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed New Game To Come During Viking Age

If I ask you tell me the name of game which connects medieval era most accurately with modern world. Well it’s obvious that only one answer prevails and name of that game will be Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed from a decade has converted the way how gamer’s see history.

Assassin's Creed New Game

This game has connected the gamer’s from their virtual world to the real historic world. It helped many gamer’s to outshine among others with this knowledge. And well from past 2 years it getting bit boring with death of main characters and same respective game play. As earlier games and to avoid demolition of game Ubisoft has teased the new Assassin’s Creed with story line falling apart from the main story line. By introducing Vikings as MVP’s in the game instead of average traditional middle age folks. As rumors suggests Vikings will be the new addition to Assassin’s Creed’s new version in practice of Ubisoft to acquire some more eyes.

Assassin's Creed New Game

The Viking Age commonly refers to the period of time in Northern Europe between the ninth and eleventh centuries. Which could put this next Assassin’s Creed game anywhere between 100-400 years prior to the events of the very first game. Both Origins and Odyssey have detailed how forgotten members of history discovered. The value of killing key figures as opposed to waging wars, giving rise to the Hidden Ones. All that said I think this can reignite the diminished interest of folks. The game can help the franchise to strong it’s position in gaming market.       


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