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Apple May Reveal it’s Online Gaming Service

Since 2016 gaming market is igniting and everyone wants to have a piece of this pie. Everyone except fools are investing in this industry. Individuals are trying to get along with this industry and it seems boom of gaming industry is going to sustain. Apple is rumored to reveal it’s online gaming service like Google Stadia soon.

Well if anything is going to sustain in industry it’s obvious that it will generate a massive amount of money. And where there is money there are big players to squeeze the last drop of the juice.

Online Gaming

Well from those big players Google stood the first to wage the war by announcing its new world changing product Stadia. Apple is also trying to get on to this train after its lose in “well priced” iPhones. And it is rumored that apple is going to reveal its Stadia like service. Based on subscription model in which you can acquire the unique taste of gaming in multiple AAA titles on Apples platform like iOS and MAC at low rates. Which will help Apple to acquire customers and consumer to have ever demanding best gaming experience at premium Apple hardware.

All that said it’s time for my verdict. According to me this online gaming platform can beat Google Stadia and could provide the new definition for gaming because what “Apple do it do its best”.            


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