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Apex Legends hits 50 Million

Apex Legends hits 50 Million in less than a Month


One year back people were thinking what will be next in the gaming world there was the realistic PUBG, the colour full Fortnite and also not so famous Call of duty blackout. It seems that the market is seized by these companies and that’s end but when these so called “best games” shut their eyes a new game has arrived from the vengeance The Apex legends which as I interpret is the perfect mixture of realistic PUBG and colourful Fortnite. Apex Legends has passed another milestone in its first month. Respawn announced that Apex legends hits 50 million players in just under a month.

Apex Legends hits 50 Million


Apex Legends hits 50 Million

But some thoughts that it was going to dead as a passing trend with the mighty time. But for those idiots a bad news has arrived that the Apex legends has hitted 50 million online players.

The 50 million players in just under a month have used 158 million finishers, used 170 million respawns, and activated 1.3 billion ultimates.

Respawn has not been especially quick to roll out changes to Apex Legends. Apex Legends also added a respawn system, through which players could revive fallen teammates at fixed locations. Apex Legends is preparing to roll out its own battle pass. It’s scheduled sometime in March, though Respawn has not provided an exact release date

Apex Legends hits 50 Million


Apex Legends

At end I would say this game is currently rocking and is here to prevail. Well all that said I would like to ask your opinion. What you think can Apex legends beat the might of games like PUBG and Fortnite on iOS and Android ?


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